Whipping Up a New Life from Scratch

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You can't go a day without being bombarded by some company touting the latest secret to happiness, longevity, or riches... Yet somehow the secret always involves you forking over your cash to them.

"And now back to 'The Totally Unbiased Secret to Healthy Living', brought to you by McDonald's, the official restaurant of the Olympics!"

It's all bullshit. Who *can* you trust these days? Even the "science" is skewed. Every day there's another headline-making study. Every following day there's a headline-making discovery about where the funding for said study came from.


***the non-milk drinkers studied also happened to be heroin addicts"

So basically, you can't trust anyone these days. But you can still trust yourself, right?

The companies don't want you to think so. They want you to be so deeply entrenched in misery and self-doubt that you'll try ANYTHING. They've done a good job convincing most of us that our instincts are wrong.

I'm here to make a potentially controversial claim: your instincts are probably trying to tell you something! But the message is drowned out by commercials designed to get in our heads and stay there, by our lying government telling us we'll shrivel up and die if we don't eat a buttload of whole grains at every meal, but it's perfectly fine to ingest milk from cows pumped with antibiotics and proven-to-be-carcinogenic growth hormones.

You don't want to be the n00b the marketing execs are talking about in meetings when they say "yessss, the cussstomers will LOVE our new purrrrrple box...yessss...casssssh" do you? I sure don't. I want to be an informed consumer. I want to be able to sort through the wealth of information coming at me. I've done some research, and I've refined my inner bullshit detector, and now I want you to join me in voting with your dollars for real food over packaged, processed, nutrition-less crap designed to drain your money and keep you hungry for more.

It's common knowledge that cigarette companies add a bazillion things to cigarettes. Most of them are DESIGNED TO GET YOU ADDICTED. Food companies do the same thing. Look at the label of that "healthy" Kashi bar or whatever. Do you know what half that shit is? No? Do you know why it's in your food? No?

Your body's all you have. Conventional wisdom places God-like value on certain things. I hear people say stuff all the time like "I can't get through the day without coffee! I'm tired, I must need some coffee! Oh magical beverage how I worship thee!" (maybe no one's saying the last one, but they might as well be). Yet people laugh at the same logic applied in other ways-- "I can't get through the day without a salad" "LOL R U ONE OF THOSE HEALTH WEIRDOS?? HAHA SUXX....gee man, I'm tired, wonder why...it couldn't possibly be a nutritional deficiency, I mean those aren't real....magic beverage time!"

I'm rambling now. The world needs more informed citizens. For that to happen, we need more good ol' unbiased sources of information. So here I am! I genuinely want you to be healthy. I want you to feel as good as I do. I want to spread the word about poor nutrition and depression. This is going to be the era of health, I can feel it. Who's with me??

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